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Currently available information in our database
  • 52497
    Registered banks
  • 103816
    SWIFT codes
  • 98303
    BIN card codes
  • 158113
    IFSC codes


  • Optimizing Payments
    Validate an IBAN and retrieve of bank details prior to processing to streamline payments.
  • Data Cleaning
    Cleanup old data by performing a mass/batch IBAN Validation searches on existing payment details in your system.
  • Data Recovery
    Using our IBAN recovery API, businesses who manually digitize IBAN data can recover IBANs which contain missing or unreadable characters
  • User Input Validation
    Validate payment data upon user entering the IBAN in the system. Protect against typing errors.
  • User Input Autocomplete
    Provide better user experience by retrieving bank details and BIC code when user enters an IBAN in your system.
  • Compliance
    Helps businesses comply to resolution 092/05 issued by the European Payments Council regarding mandatory use of BIC and IBAN.